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Product Details

The MPPT Charger employs the latest digital signal processing technology for accurate & definite tracking of the maximum Power Point (MPP) irrespective of environmental factors such as temperature & Solar Irradiation. A high speed modified   P & O algorithm has been implemented to optimally harvest & transfer maximum energy from the connected Solar Panel to the Batteries. The charger is also equipped with the following safety features for lasting Performance.

1. Lightning protection

2. Battery Reverse protection

3. Panel reverse protection

4. Over Current protection

5. Battery over charger protection

6. Wide battery voltage range (12V to 96V)

7. Wide charging current range (10 Amp to 100 Amp)

8. Built in Reverse Panel current protection during nights.

9. Zero battery discharge during nights.

10. Efficiency Greater than 96%

11. Compact size: 23 X 27 X 9 (cm)

12. Up to 30% energy conversion efficiency as compared to ON/OFF or PWM type.

13. Battery can be charged faster, in shorter duration

14. Even in cloudy weather, battery can be charged faster.

15. Higher voltage PV panel can be used to charge lower voltage battery.

16. Reduction in wire thickness and hence cabling cost and energy loss.