Solar Panel


  • We offer Off-grid and Grid Solar PV modules & custom Built PV Modules ( Topsun)
  • Off-grid modules 3wp to 150wp
  • Grid modules 200wp 300wp with different cell matrix 48, 54, 60 & 72 cells.
  • Custom Built Modules

BIPV refers to photovoltaic modules or materials integrated with buildings as an indispensable part of the building to both generate electricity and keep off the wind and rain and insulate heat. Buildings will be deprived of such functions if the modules are removed. BIPV distinguishes itself from BAPV or simple attaching photovoltaic modules or systems to buildings in that the former functions as an integral part of the buildings like building materials. BIPV features a series of advantages such as stable electricity supply, space saving, building material saving, pro peak regulation, environment friendly and a small carbon footprint.



Glass to Glass with Mono cells for Green House applications Building Corridor applications. Glass to Glass with low energy glass with super spacer for BIPV applications. Glass with Transparent back substrate Green House application light weight roofs. Black color modules : Europe specific market requirement. Low glare Glass modules for Airport applications.

For greenhouses application we offer custom built module with high transparency to cover the entire solar spectrum, including the UVB range, which is important for photosynthesis, with textured surface diffuses the sunlight evenly inside the greenhouse. Obviously, a single pane of thin, thermally toughened glass is not rigid enough for greenhouses. However, things get interesting when two panes of thin glass are laminated together with solar cells in between to generate stand-alone electric power. This can be used to power sprinklers, fans, heating or controllers.



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