Sine Wave Inverter

Why do I need a sinewave inverter?
You might not need it. It depends on what type of equipment you wish to operate from your inverter. One thing is sure: if you ONCE buy a quality sinewave inverter, you can connect ANY type of mains equipment later on. Squarewave or modified sinewave inverters have their limitations. Square-wave or modified-sinewave inverters have the lowest cost and efficiency and are not manufactured by us. The price of the better quality sinewave inverters is low enough to make non-sinewave inverters an unattractive choice.Please read the following summary about different waveforms and their area of use.

Sinewave inverter waveform = Mains outlet waveform , suitable for ALL appliances
In your home the wall outlet socket supplies 230Vac to your household appliances. The waveform of this alternating current is sinewave (see picture above), Therefore most electrical equipment is originally designed to operate from a sinewave mains power source.

Non-sinewave inverters = NOT suitable for ALL appliances
Non-sinewave inverters, such as squarewave of modified sinewave inverters can produce incorrect voltages which may cause the connected equipment to have operating difficulties or not run at all. Also, non-sinewave inverters produce high levels of harmonic distortion, which can cause electrical interference and audio hum (with TV, radio, etc.) as well as overheating the connected equipment (inductive motors).

Which household appliances require sine wave inverter?
It is highly recommended to run the following equipment only from a sinewave power source: TV, Radio, sensitive Audio or Video equipment, Measuring instruments, ALL inductive loads such as Refrigerators, Water pumps, Power tools, etc

We offer 800VA DSP based sine wave inverter in compact size and attractive cabinet.

Product details:

  •     12VDC operation (other voltages also available)
  •     Charging starts 100VAC onwards
  •     Selection of tubular / conventional batteries
  •     Selection of UPS and inverter modes
  •     Fast change over suited for computer operation
  •     Highly reliable design
  •     Attractive packing