About Us

Shakti Energy Solutions have a unique development approach & innovative proprietary processes that enable us to deliver edge solar Solution and performance.

Being delivering alternative forms of renewable energy as one of the focus areas,we are committed to deliver the best qualitative solar water heating systems, photovoltaic modules and systems and toughened glass products to our customers throughout State with outstanding customer service.

Additionally to contributing towards a pollution free, clean and healthy environment, our products bring direct savings in terms of electricity consumption bills. Our solar water heating systems will save up to 40% in electricity bills. Our photovoltaic products will secure a reliable and stable source of energy.

Solar power is the ultimate renewable resource. Solar energy systems create absolutely no greenhouse gas emissions. The energy production cost of solar systems remains constant, unlike volatile utility company rates. Solar systems generate power silently and reliably. Solar energy has never been more affordable than it is now. Today you can buy an advanced solar power system for only about 20 percent of the cost of a comparable installation 20 years ago.

Take an important step toward sustainable living. Liberate yourself from the volatility of energy pricing with this 21st-century technology. Help leave more oil, coal and gas in the ground, and empower yourself and your surroundings with the rays of the sun.

We have Joine venture with Shakti Engineering Company and Saso Infinite Energy Privite Ltd.

Please continue to explore our website to learn more about Alternate Energy Solutions. Please contact us to assist you in developing the right solar solution to your specific needs and requirements.